what "port*" string can I crontab that will *work*?

SITKEI Attila attila.sitkei at lhsystems.com
Mon Mar 12 20:14:21 UTC 2007

> 	Anybody have an automatic (/etc/crontab) method of keeping 
> 	ports current?  I'm almost done upgrading my 5 systems to
> 	6.2  (to be able to grab valid packages) and tried portupgrade
> 	with several variants of flags/switches.  portuprade with 
> 	-rpfP wound up  recycling my packages most of the time.  [?]
> 	I've starting to think that there may be no way of doing this
> 	automatically.  portmanager -b -u -l may be better:: dunno.


You may give ctm(1) a shot.



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