How Do I Find Find?

Drew Jenkins drewjenkinsjr at
Mon Mar 12 19:33:28 UTC 2007

Yes, /usr is mounted. When I say rebuild, I mean I stuck the FBSD 6.2 CD erased the old installation and reinstalled.

Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote: In response to Drew Jenkins :

> I built a home server to prepare  to build a new production server. Well,
> the latter is built out, but when I went back to the former, it said there
> was a problem with my last shutdown (which I don't remember) and went into
> single user mode. I went to run a "find" and it complained it couldn't find
> the "find" command! I thought, what the heck, no great loss, I'll just
> rebuild this machine. But after re-installing FBSD, it *still* can't find
> the "find" command! Now I'm worried!  It wasn't in /usr/bin/ What happened
> to this installation??

My first guess would be that when you rebooted into single user mode, your
/usr partition wasn't mounted so find wasn't accessable.

Not sure how you managed to "rebuild" the machine and still have find missing,
but I can't really guess that without knowing what you meant by "rebuilt".

Is /usr mounted?

Bill Moran
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