Anyone use KSH?

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Mon Mar 12 16:38:09 UTC 2007

On Tue, Mar 13, 2007, Sunnz wrote:
>Just installed Release 6.2 on my workstation, and the first thing I
>did was installing (pd)ksh since I have been using it before...
>I found that a few things doesn't work, tab-completion, up/down arrow
>keys, ctrl-A ctrl-E to go to the beginning/end of a line.

My guess is that you're in vi mode by default (set -o vi), and would prefer
it to be in emacs mode.  Try ``set -o emacs'' to see if it does what you
want.  Personally I much prefer the vi mode as I've never been able to get
my fingers to learn emacs.

After using ksh for almost twenty years, I finally switched to bash from
ksh several months ago when I found that tab completion works in vi mode on
bash, and a simple alias "r='fc -s'" allows me to use the ksh style ``r''
commands to repeat previous commands.

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