polling my FreeBSD compariots...

Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 13:55:47 UTC 2007

On 12/03/07, Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at tensor.gdynia.pl> wrote:
> > Hm, sounds like installing ion3 would be an easier task.
> > ion3 is the WM of my choice, and it does exactly (or nearly) what you
> > describe, and some more. You can additionally set up different layouts
> i am always open for making my workplace more productive and easier to
> use. so i will have a try of E17 and ion3, while second looks like more
> designed to my needs.
> i tried ratpoison but i was unable to do single-key switching to other
> desktops and manage well subwindows in some apps like gimp, which always
> needs multiple windows on one desktop.

ion3 defaults configuration is a very basic one, so it might not look
that promising on the first glimpse. But since everything is
configurable, you can have your own shortcuts. IMO defining the right
short cuts is the hardest part, because chances are high that the WMs
shortcuts conflict with an application. I finally split Ctrl_R and
Meta_R from their original keys, binding them to Mod3 and Mod4 (both
where available on my machine).

I can send you my config if you like.

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