FreeBSD on IDE Flash disk drive

Nejc Škoberne nejc at
Mon Mar 12 07:29:42 UTC 2007

Hi Paul,

> I am booting from a 512MB CF card, and run /var and /tmp from a RAM drive.
> Upon startup, the CF card /var and /tmp dir. are copied into the ram drives,
> the rest is Read Only.  When it shuts down (not very often), the ram drive
> contents are copied back to the CF card.  You could backup the ram drive to
> CF more frequently if required.  I run off of 12V battery, so power failures
> don't affect me all that much. You could monitor the Battery/UPS for power
> failure conditions if needed etc.  Running FreeBSD 6.0.

Cool! Is there a "proper" way of copying from/to /var and /tmp at boot and at
shutdown or did you make the scripts on your own?

So far, my boxie has be running flawlessly, I have also hard-rebooted it during
a file copy and everything was OK with the filesystem. However, I put in two
flash drives and made a gmirror out of them for redundancy.

Today I am putting it to a remote location and I hope everything will run there

Thanks to all,

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