Periodic xl watchdog timeouts on 6.2-RELEASE

Brian J. Conway bconway at
Mon Mar 12 05:22:22 UTC 2007

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007 23:16:22 -0600
"illoai at" <illoai at> wrote:

> > No luck, got the first timeout shortly (25 min) after boot without
> > ACPI, again while mostly idle and I'm not able to repeat it more than
> > once a day or so:
> >
> > Mar 12 01:49:19 imogen kernel: xl0: watchdog timeout
> > Mar 12 01:49:19 imogen kernel: xl0: link state changed to DOWN
> > Mar 12 01:49:21 imogen kernel: xl0: link state changed to UP
> >
> > Any other ideas?  Original post, for reference:
> >
> My first suspicion was that your NIC is dying.
> I had those basic symptoms some years ago
> and within a few days was suffering unintended
> reboots from kernel panics.  Replacing the NIC
> solved it.

It's possible, but I've tried 3 different 3c905C's between the two
(top-most) slots I'm using for them, and they all have the same symptom,
though never both at the same time.  They also worked flawlessly before
this latest install (though admittedly, the old install was 4.x, as
mentioned).  I suppose swapping in other card models and perhaps enabling
the onboard EEPro 100 is next.


Brian J. Conway

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