Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Mar 11 22:39:21 UTC 2007

> Once I setted up a mailserver with more that 2000 users
> with a single freebsd sendmail    in a small machine (1Ghz,512Mb memory,
> Freebsd 4.X) one internet connection.. with virtual users,
> mailertable... and it
> worked for years... by the way... it had  telnetd avaiable...

exactly like me. i do prefer sendmail for mail (+procmail), always provide 
both telnet, ssh and rsh/rlogin for shell users (and me), always use 
rsh/rcp when scrambling is not needed, etc. etc.

> Have anyone yet "cracked"  the telnet enable machine whose
> IP was published  in the list?

i published mine.

> months
> with all the hackers, crackers, and xxxckers....  hitting it...
if there will be security hole in one of your (or mine) services we use, 
someone will be able to crack.

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