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--- Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:

> > As a newb to FreeBSD I find that the
> manual/handbook is not great in detail,
> > (understatement), and I seem to be relying on this
> questions list for a lot
> > of help.
> what's missing? i think it's quite detailed
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Hello Wojciech,
Yes, the handbook is quite detailed; however there are
somethings missing.  Not to start a flame war; these
are just a few thoughts and they are in my humble

1) Upgrading Ports: There is a general overview of how
ports should be upgraded.  Now the part that is
lacking is  the index.  Looking at section 4.5 in the
handbook there is no mention of the INDEX files.

Some update tools like portupgrade require the use of
the INDEX file.  You don't see the mention of the
INDEX until you get to section A.6.  Section A.6 is
dedicated to portsnap.  Now if the user doesn't use
port snap but cvs; then they miss that point  that you
need the INDEX.

Now getting or building the INDEX can be done if
various ways via make or portsdb.  But it my humble
opinion; the explanation or the process can be
explained better.

Please correct me if I am wrong (anyone) but a simple
out line that goes into the process (IE):

1) Update ports
 1a) CVS
 2b) portsnap
2) Build INDEX (depends on the tool; identify tools). 
Also what are the pro's and con's of obtaining the
index from the methods listed below.
 2a) "make index"
 2b) "make fetchindex"
 2c) portsdb -Uu
3) Use Tool 'X' to update / upgrade your ports

The above is just a brief illustration about how the
process can be improved.  Please understand that this
is my humble opinion; I am not looking to start a
flame war.

Now, one other issue; off the top of my head:
pkgtools.conf.  How does pkgtools.conf interact with
the makefile in their respective ports directory?  
1) Does it completely override it? 
2) Does if it take a diff between the two and build
the app?

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.  All I wanted
to do was answer the question as well as point out
what I think could be improved.

PS: I wish the old section of the handbook "the
anatomy of a port" was put back in the handbook.

Just my .02 cents worth.
Paulette McGee

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