[freebsd-questions] root login with telnetd

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Sun Mar 11 10:52:51 UTC 2007

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> can it be set to make possible to login root to machine through 
>> telnet and without telneting to some user and then su -
>> ?
>> with sshd and rshd it can be set, with telnetd - no success.
> once again - can someone answer my question instead of giving very 
> "intelligent" comments?
> _______________________________________________
If I remember correctly, you edit /etc/ttys and set some of your ttyp* 
(i.e. network ptys) to be 'SECURE'. It really isn't a good idea though. 
The reason I don't remember is that I haven't done it in about 10 years.

If it's a remote program that needs root access, you can probably do 
something with ssh - you can allow ssh RootLogin, but not with passwords 
only public key auth, and you can *also* limit the key to be allowed to 
only connect from certain addresses and only run specific commands (e.g. 
some backup software works this way). You can have multiple keys with 
different restrictions even - Host A can run rsync only, and host B can 
run rdiff-backup only.


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