"AMD64 -current iso laying around?" or "How to make a LiveCD from scratch?"

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sun Mar 11 07:02:52 UTC 2007

Just bought and built a new PC, comes with an Conroe-based Core 2  
Duo, Realtek 8169 Gigabit chipset, JbMicron PATA / SATA RAID  
controller, and the like. Now, I can boot up the FreeBSD livecd  
perfectly fine, but when it comes to adding the interface the driver  
isn't present (although it is available if one compiles the kernel  
with the proper driver), and if I do install the system it fails to  
properly detect the root devices at boot (something to do with the  
RAID setup or numbering drives I believe).

So, in an effort to get my system up and running I was wondering if  
someone could provide me with either a link to a v7 ISO available  
somewhere, or directions on how to make a FreeBSD LiveCD (I have 2  
other IA32 systems kicking around I can use for building stuff :)..).

As a wonderful sidenote, for kicks I tried to install Vista and I  
must say that it sucks.. blue screens / locks up every time I have a  
session open. This year is a year for Unix to come back because I  
sense a lot of bad problems for Windows / MS on the horizon..

Cheers and thanks!

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