searching archives broken?

Jon Wolfgang jon-bsd at
Sun Mar 11 01:12:06 UTC 2007

Ed Zwart wrote:
> Hi there, I'm new to the list, and have been trying to search the
> archives at  No
> matter what I search for, I get no results (even one-word searches
> that should definitely have hits; eg, 'mail', 'hostname', etc).
> I want to search the archives before asking the group, but the archive
> is way too large to make browsing feasible.  Is search broken, or am I
> missing something?
> e.
I have noticed this too.  The "fix" I found is changing the search field 
from "all" to "recent".  For example, if I search for "mount", and 
search all, nothing is displayed.  However, searching for "mount" with 
recent selected, returns results.  I think it has to do with how many 
results it finds.  Hope this helps,

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