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Sat Mar 10 22:19:11 UTC 2007

Nattawut wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
>  I'm a Windows Platform user, I just got the machine that contain
> FreeBSD/i386 already install. I try to use it but I can't get through the
> the login password screen. This machine was left over from the place that I
> used to work but it had been closed my boss gave to me. It the Travla
> mini-ITX case brand new and it small when I turn it on it just ask for loin
> name and password , I just have no idea who should I ask for help because I
> don't know how they get this machine from. Thank you for your time.
> Regards,

Hello, Leo/Nattawut!

There are a bunch of Sirs and some Madams here (we are all FreeBSD users 
-- this is a volunteer help mailing list).

Before I make any other suggestions, let me suggest that you take a look 
at the FreeBSD Handbook (where many questions like this are answered 
already).  You can find it online at:

Next, try logging in with username "root" and nothing else (i.e., simply 
press ENTER when prompted for a password).

If that doesn't work, look for "escape to loader prompt" on the 3rd 
stage boot menu, and press the appropriate key on your system's keyboard.

You will receive a simple "command prompt"; type "boot -s" at this 
prompt.  If you are prompted "enter name of default shell or press 
RETURN for /bin/sh", then press RETURN and then do as follows ("$" is 
the computer's prompt; type the commands as shown following the "$").

$ mount -a
$ passwd

Changing local password for root.
Enter new password:  mypasswordhere
Retype new password: mypasswordhere

$ shutdown -r now

This will mount all filesystems so that the password file can be 
changed, change the "root" password to a password of your choosing, and 
reboot the system to "normal" mode.

If this procedure doesn't work, don't be alarmed---there are a few 
possibilities that might keep this from working; check the handbook, 
and, if needed, write again to the "questions@" list with a new subject 
line describing your new problem.


Kevin Kinsey
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