where to get GENERIC file

Martin Tournoij carpetsmoker at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 10 14:36:28 UTC 2007

On Sat, March 10, 2007 14:44, Michael Grant wrote:
> I'm upgrading from 4.x to 5.5.  I am at the step where I need to make
> a generic 5.x kernel, but my GENERIC file is for 4.x.  When I did a
> 'make update' in /usr/src (which updated my source tree from cvspu),
> it didn't suck over /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC for 5.5.  Where is
> this or how do I generate it?  I was surprised this didn't come over
> when I sucked over 5.5 via cvsup.  It raises question in my mind as to
> what else it didn't suck over.
> Michael Grant
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5.5 GERNERIC config attached.

Are you sure your GENERIC isn't updated? (compare it to my file)
If it isn't, then I would suggest removing your entire source tree and
fetching it again.

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