Gnome-Terminal - odd behaviour while typing

Carsten Fuchs crstn_fuchs at
Sat Mar 10 12:48:05 UTC 2007

Hi everyone!

My gnome-terminal has this annoying habit of jumping at the beginning
of the same line when i'm entering a command and the cursor reaches a
certain column (not the last column possible, there's always a quarter
or so of the line left blank); it doesn't put the cursor on a new line
but at the beginning of the same line, thus overwriting that line.

and it gets worse when I try to edit a command line by going back
with left cursor or Alt+b, then it jumps one line up overwriting that
previous line and messing everything up.

I have seen this on FreeBSD only, not on any GNOME installation on
Linux before. Is this normal and/or can I change it?


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