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Sat Mar 10 12:09:41 UTC 2007

On 10/03/07, Roofscum614 at <Roofscum614 at> wrote:
> hi i am doing a project for school:
> find an alternative operating system - one that will run my  computer
> without Windows being installed.  The cheaper the better (Hint  start your
> search with the word "free").  Find out what the software  does, what
> applications it supports (e.g., will it run Microsoft Office), how  much it
> costs.
> does your OS relate to this project? any help would be appreciated.
FreeBSD is great, just take some time to explore it and its possibilities.

You might want to take a look at DesktopBSD, too.
DesktopBSD is based on FreeBSD, but is geared towards Desktop users.
The installer is different and you'll find many applications needed
for everydays work preinstalled.
You'll find information about DesktopBSD on

> thank  you
> tom gunderman


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