FreeBSD on IDE Flash disk drive

Nejc Škoberne nejc at
Sat Mar 10 01:56:42 UTC 2007


> m0n0wall gets around this by running out of RAM after booting from flash 
> (or CD, or hard disk):

Yes, I know both m0n0wall and pfSense, but I prefer a custom FreeBSD installation
since I have developed some custom scripts which I would like to use.

This is what I am trying to do now - booting the system from flash IDE
drive, creating mfs filesystems for /tmp and /var (just enabling them in rc.conf)
and mounting all the partitions read-only. And of course I configured syslog to
log to some remote host. So when I need to make a configuration change (rc.conf,
dhcpd.conf), I just remount / or /usr read-write temporariliy, make the change and
then remount back to read-only. This way, I guess, there will be minimal writes
to the drive.

Now I plan to do some power outage testing. Will let you know.

Thanks to all of you,

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