Help needed syncing Palm Treo 650 with FreeBSD

Fri Mar 9 12:25:35 UTC 2007

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>Subject: Help needed syncing Palm Treo 650 with FreeBSD
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>I am trying to get my Palm Treo sync with Jpilot. Unfortunately so far 
>without results :-( . Who can help me with this? Here's what I tried so far:
>Added this line to etc/usbd.conf just above the fallthrough entry:
>device "Palm"
>       devname  "ucom[0-9]*"
>       attach "chmod 0666 /dev/ucom* /dev/ttyU* /dev/cuaU*"/
>/kldload ucom
>kldload uvisor
>Filled in this 'adress' in jpilot:

You may want to check out devfs.rules(5) for changing permissions on hotplug devices.

That said, I do use a similar entry in usbd.conf to spawn pppd when I connect my Tungsten E. With that I find I need to add a "sleep 2;" to the beginning of the 'attach' line or the following command fails because the device nodes aren't set up quickly enough.


Peter Harrison 

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