Using gpg-agent on freebsd

Joe Vender jvender at
Fri Mar 9 03:21:01 UTC 2007

I'm using FreeBSD 6.2

I've been tinkering with using gpg-agent for GnuPG passphrase caching when 
using Kmail. I have been able to get it working as per the instructions at
for starting the daemon when entering KDE. But, I want to start gpg-agent when 
the sytem starts and I login to console mode (not just when I enter KDE), and 
I want Kmail to use the agent for GnuPG usage. Could someone please describe 
to me the details of the steps that I need to take and the file modifications 
that I need to make for this to work.

Again, I want the gpg-agent to be up and running when I login to the console, 
also when I log into KDE, I want Kmail to use the agent. The way I log into 
KDE is to first login to the console via a limited user account, then do sudo 
kdm and log into KDE using the same limited user account. I have root login 
disabled for both console and KDE. I've read the instructions for using a 
~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession to start the gpg-agent daemon when logging into 
kde, but I have neither file in my home directory, and anyway want the daemon 
running upon entering console mode login, i.e., running always and only one 
gpg-agent process running at any given time. Please CC my email address with 
any responses. Thanks very much for suggestions. FreeBSD rocks!

Joe Vender

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