Network Printing recommendations please

Andy Kendall andy at
Thu Mar 8 21:50:40 UTC 2007

I've just built my 6v2 box and all is going well so far. I've read the
manual and understand LPD and directly attached printers. The manual however
is pretty minimal when it comes to network-based printers, (netprint), and
only mentions LPRng and CUPS on a single page briefly. I understand this;
it's probably because they're not direct FreeBSD products but this doesn't
help a newb-to-FreeBSD like me. I only want to build the foundation system
once, so, any recommendations please on what to install/configure? (Hope
this doesn't start a bikeshed).

It's a single user system, for my own education (and enjoyment?) so it'll
almost certainly never print any graphics or host complicated databases,
etc. It's only got 512Mb RAM and a 10Gb HD so I don't have a huge resource

The printers I have are a bullet-proof classic/HPLJ4 with internal JetDirect
card, and a new HPDeskjet 6980 (colour inkjet).

Unless someone can come up with a good reason to use X-Windows I don't know
if I want to install it so that counts out LPRng?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum or invalid posting, please advise.

Many thanks

Andy. (newbness embodied)


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