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> Well, it's going to involve a bit more than that to get an rc script up 
> and running I'm afraid.. the script needs a start, stop, status 
> functions, as well as a few others. Some examples are in the /etc/rc.d 
> and /usr/local/etc/rc.d directories, as you've discovered.
> Given your output above, maybe you want to add the LD_LIBRARY_PATH lines 
> to the zopectl file?

Brilliant! Why doesn't *that* work?! This is crazy! I even added your little script and, after it booted, tried running that directly (after stopping Zope) and it _still_ didn't work! That makes no sense to me at all! I put together a little script, as I stated earlier, that set the env, stopped and started my Zope instances (calling on zopectl), and *that* worked, so why doesn't this work?? That whole bin dir in Zope is owned by root, so how is running that script different than, as root, setting the env? Insane!

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