Problems installing FreeBSD

s.moyzis s.moyzis at
Thu Mar 8 10:57:25 UTC 2007

Hi,  I'm trying to install FreeBSD from
I downloaded all the files to a folder on my 2nd HD (Primary is C: 80 Gb Windows XP SP2, 2nd external 250 Gb HD has 2 partitons, G: which contains the entire C:drive for backup, and a partition H: for FreeBSD.  Anyway, The Boot CD doesn't boot (yes, I changed the BIOS sequence), and the Disk1 and Disk2 won't fit on a CD.  I'm new at this, but I do know Windows and DOS inside and out.  Question is, what do I do next?
everytime I try to 'open' the file(s) Roxio CD Creator opens up.  Help!   Thanks,

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