mplayer (gmplayer) with xfce4.4.0

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Mar 7 13:51:56 UTC 2007

White Hat wrote:
> FreeBSD-6.2
> xfce-4.4.0
> I posted this on the xfce4 list; however, they thought it might be a FreeBSD problem.
> Scenario:
> Right click on desktop
> Click <Multimedia>
> Click <mplayer>
> This error message is displayed:
> [ws] Shared Memory Extensions Error
> I can start mplayer from a terminal window, but not directly on the xfce4 desktop, 
 > now will gmplayer work either. The same error message is displayed.
> I am hoping someone has a useful suggestion.

What is your mplayer/gmplayer version? `pkg_info | grep mplayer` will 
probably tell you.

Is the underlying menu entry the same command that you run in the terminal?

Kevin Kinsey

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