upgraded 6.2 and mysql lost all privileges

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Tue Mar 6 22:03:44 UTC 2007

>> In the last episode (Mar 06), Noah said:
>>> yeah - I have about 15 other user accounts specific to my mysql
>>> installation that were not in the /etc/passwd file.  where were those
>>> stored?
>> If you're just talking about mysql users, those are in
>> /var/db/mysql/mysql/user.* .  An OS upgrade shouldn't have touched
>> them at all.  Unless you reformatted /var or something :)

It may be possible that mergemaster was used incorrectly.

If so, there should be a copy of the updated /etc/master.passwd file in:

# /var/tmp/temproot/etc

You can compare that against the new file in /etc. If they are the same, 
mergemaster hosed the original. I don't know if mergemaster makes a 
backup of the original, but it may be easier to pull master.passwd from 
a backup (you did backup /etc right?) and try re-merging if there were 
any differences.

Then again, I may be totally wrong with this assessment.


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