Kerberos authenticatino and ldap authorization

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> Subject: Kerberos authenticatino and ldap authorization
> Hello,
> I would liek to use FreeBSD as a login ox using krb5 authentication
> and ldap authorization.
> The KDC kerberos server is another machine as well hte LDAP server,
> this freebsd box is a kerberos and ldap client.
> Anyone could give me some good hint on hoe to configure hte FreeBSD
> in
> this way ?
> I tryed to search for infoes but could only get partial informations.
> for example I would like to installa MIT krb5 implementation from
> instead of using heidmal default this because the kerberos server
> on my network is a MIT server and I can't use kadmin on FreeBSD
> to administrer the kerberos server remotely using heidmal
> implementation.
> Anyone has experience of MIT krb5 implementation on FreeBSD ?
> as well hoe to enable LDAP authorization for logins on FreeBSD ?
> thanks
> Rick

Hello Rick:

Check out
th-nss_ldap-and-pam_ldap/.  It doesn't address your question regarding
MIT Kerberos specifically, but it does give a good overview of using
LDAP for authentication.  Granted, you won't be using it to access an
Active Directory, but the other configuration parameters will apply
(nsswitch.conf, ldap.conf, PAM modules, etc.).



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