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> > > I wonder if someone could point me to a reliable detailed 
> > resource for
> > > configuring an ftp server on freebsd 6.1 for both incoming 
> > and outgoing
> > > files (including anonymous ftp).
> > > 
> > > I do not want anonymous uploaders to view existing file names in
> > > ftp/incoming or be able to download from incoming. I want 
> > the server as
> > > secure as is reasonably practicable. The notes in the 
> > freebsd handbook are
> > > not really comprehensive enough for me. 
> > 
> > Please don't do this.  Please don't even try.
> > 
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> Got yr point -- my guess is you did not use a process to shift files out
> of the the upload directory as soon as they arrived. That way they can be
> monitored and never downloaded.

>You're still sending out _very_ long lines.
BTW my standard line length is 80 chars..
I have reduced them for you.
Dont you have a wrap option on your mail reader to set the lines to your desired width????

... and no, I didn't use a process to prevent files from being subsequently
downloaded, it would have defeated the purpose of "file transfer".
Here we differ .. if you did not do that you asked for trouble!!


> I think it is up to each administrator to solve the problems. If you
> happen to have an answer to my original question -- a reliable source of
> info about ftp configuration it would be useful. It is a long time since I
> ran an ftp server and I am rusty.

Sorry, I don't.  I haven't set up an FTP server in a long time.  scp has
replaced ftp -- which was my point.

I've done my due-diligence in warning of the dangers ...

Uploading to an ftp server has to be treated as a
process by which the sender offers files to the administrator
who may or may not choose to transfer them to the
download directory. 
IF you let an end user determine what may be made available
and subsequently have trouble well do not blame
ftp blame the administrator!!
IMHO To do otherwise is not exercising due diligence!!

On web sites I follow the same principle -- users cannot add links 
-- only offer them.. same principle!

Bill Moran

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