Question about a specific ISP: Amen/Amenworld

Chris Slothouber chris at
Mon Mar 5 19:33:00 UTC 2007

I'd recommend Leaseweb in Amsterdam.  Their network has great 
connectivity to Europe and their prices are competitive for unmetered plans.

Alexandre Vieira wrote:
>> >
>> >> Personally, I would never consider a vendor that does not at least
>> >> have a cursory knowledge of the platform I was using on a leased
>> >> server.  If they are miles away, I want someone with a clue to be my
>> >> eyes an ears in the event of an emergency.
>> >>
>> >> I'd recommend going with a host who supports FreeBSD.
> I'm interested in this specific company because the boxes are hosted in
> France and (A big telco in Portugal) is an excelent carrier for
> France and UK. I have less than 50ms roundtrip time for this network.
> Also for 99eur/month you get a dual opteron w/ 2x160GB SATA2 disks, 1GB
> DDRII, linked to a 100mbps network (shared but burstable) with no traffic
> limit.
> But the guy who called me to help me with my questions doesn't understand
> much of anything and he tought Freebsd was a linux distro plus he 
> refuses to
> either install freebsd on the machine or put a CD on the server tray and
> plug in a serial cable to the machine so I can install it. I don't even 
> know
> how would I install freebsd without using depenguinator or going on site
> myself.
> I've tested depenguinator back in the 5.4 days with some friends, just for
> the kicks, but as someone said before.. I can't rely on a company that 
> knows
> nothing about the technology i'll be using.
> If anyone know a good UK or Franch dedicated server provider, let me 
> know :)
> Cheers

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