Restore /libexec/

Sergio Lenzi enigma at
Mon Mar 5 15:03:48 UTC 2007

Em Seg, 2007-03-05 às 08:33 -0500, Huy Ton That escreveu:

> I renamed this file and now I cannot boot up anymore... How can I restore
> this file?  Help

The easy way:
1) Boot from the FreeBSD 1 boot cd (that one with 680Mb...)
2) choose repair 
3) fsck the /dev/adXs1a (X is 0,1.... depending of your machine
4) mount the /dev/adXs1a on /mnt
5) restore the libexec  .....  if you have removed them..  copy from the
    that is mounted on /dist

Hope it can help

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