loader wont boot on cd 6.2 and 5.4

Chris chrcoluk at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 11:58:20 UTC 2007


An associate of mine is unable to install freebsd, we hitting the old
poor hardware compatiblity problem.

Its not cost effective to use a normal ide cdrom for installations so
a usb cdrom is used and this has no problems with linux and windows.

When trying to install freebsd after the loader pronpt it either gives
a load of random numbers flooding the screen or if we toggle acpi in
the bios it says btx halted.

Googling btx halted indicates dma problems but we have no dma stuff
been its a usb drive.

any ideas other then changing hardware?

The motherboard is Supermicro PDSMi+ with core duo chip
also same problem with Supermicro P8SCi and celeron.



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