RESEND: Re: BSDstats report for Mar 1st, 2006

perryh at perryh at
Sun Mar 4 08:45:02 UTC 2007

> suggested adding a prompt to sysinstall asking if ppl wanted to
> participate, and the response I heard was that someone basically
> needed to submit a patch ... anyone here know enough about
> sysinstall to do so?

If considering work on sysinstall to improve the stats, how about
fixing some of the pitfalls that drive away prospective new users?
(IOW increase the actual number of installations rather than just
the fraction that get reported.)

Surely it should be possible to avoid lethal messes like a newly-
installed system that has no kernel, or a partitioning that will
not accommodate the set of components selected for installation
(resulting in failure when /usr fills up).

And no, I am not suggesting any substantial change to the overall
look and feel of the UI.  That would be too much work for, at best,
a cosmetic improvement.

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