python 2.4.4, 1 vs 2.4.3, 1 - zope trouble - python version downgrade

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Sat Mar 3 21:37:53 UTC 2007

On Thursday 01 March 2007 08:54, Le Cocq Michel wrote:

>   File "/usr/local/www/Zope29/lib/python/zope/app/component/",
> line 28, in ?
>     class LocalSurrogate(zope.interface.adapter.Surrogate):
> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Surrogate'
> rapace#

See if you have the "py24-zopeInterface" package installed.  It puts files 
with the same name as Zope modules in /usr/local/lib/python, and the real 
Zope imports those instead of its own modules.  I removed that package and my 
Zope instances immediately started working again.

BTW, if anyone can tell me a good reason why the Zope port does "chmod 444" to 
all installed files, including the ones that *have* to be writable in "log" 
and "var", I'd appreciate it.  I've been too lazy to file a bug so far, but 
every time I upgrade Zope I have to remember to reset those permissions.
Kirk Strauser
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