sshd: PAM + key authentication

Cédric Jonas cedric at
Sat Mar 3 20:38:47 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I set up a some sshd servers which authenticates their users through a
LDAP DB. To realize this, I used PAM. 
Everything ok until now. 

Then, via PAM (pam_filter) and the host attribute in the LDAP DB, I only
allowed logon on specifical hosts for some users.
After that, I tested this last functionality: I tried to login on a
disallowed host, and it fails - so it works as expected. For this test,
I used password authentication. Later, I tried the same test with key
authentication, and could log in...
After some more investigations, it seems sshd ignores PAM when someone
tries to log in with a key... is there some way to force sshd to
consider PAM in case of key authentication?

Thanks you,

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