What cvs-supfile Directive did I Leave Out?

Erik Trulsson ertr1013 at student.uu.se
Sat Mar 3 17:49:41 UTC 2007

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 11:05:47AM -0600, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I originally wanted to bring the ISO image of FreeBSD6.2
> up to date using cvsup.  Everything worked perfectly including
> the make buildworld, make installworld, make buildkernel and make
> installkernel.  Then was when I realized that I was now running
> FreeBSD7.0 after having unwittingly upgraded.
> 	This particular system will be a very busy dhcpd server,
> however, so I probably don't want the bleeding edge.  It is a
> Dell 2650 and FreeBSD6.2 was the only ISO image of FreeBSD that
> found all the right drivers.  I probably need to go back to what
> I initially meant to do for safety sake.
> 	Since this was my first successful attempt at using
> cvsup, my questions now are:
> Can I safely downgrade back to the most stable version of 6.2
> using cvsup?

Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it.  I would recommend reinstalling 6.2
from scratch and starting over again.

> What did I do wrong in the cvs-supfile I used?  upgrades are
> great if you want them, but this is going to be a production
> system so I would rather try the latest and greatest on a
> less-important box.
> All I wanted was sources, no ports or X; basically what you would
> have after using an ISO image.  Thanks.
> The cvs-sup file follows:
> *default tag=.
> *default host=cvsup15.us.freebsd.org
> *default prefix=/usr
> *default base=/var/db
> *default release=cvs delete use-rel-suffix
> src-all

You used the wrong tag.  "tag=." specifies that you want HEAD aka -CURRENT
from the repository.  You should use either "tag=RELENG_6" or
"tag=RELENG_6_2"  depending on if you want 6-STABLE or '6.2-RELEASE+security

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