Sergio Lenzi lenzi at
Sat Mar 3 13:57:32 UTC 2007

Em S?, 2007-03-03 às 09:27 +0100, [LoN]Kamikaze escreveu:

> Sergio Lenzi wrote:
> > Question:  Does the thin clients count as Freebsd servers in bsdstats???
> If each client runs the bsdstats script and has its own hostname, yes.

Yes. that is the case... the thin clients have hostnames like:
cob.propagar, julia.propagar, comercial5.propagar....

that is: there is an internal NIS domain with DNS for email routing.. 
and we expect to have several by the end of this year... where will be
freebsd "by the dozen"...
when the thin clients boots, it executes the script
"daemon /usr/local/etc/periodic ...." 
is that right???  or should execute the script only once a month???

Thanks for any tip.


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