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jekillen jekillen at prodigy.net
Sat Mar 3 01:47:31 UTC 2007

On Mar 1, 2007, at 10:38 PM, Garrett Cooper wrote:

> jekillen wrote:
>> On Mar 1, 2007, at 8:04 PM, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>>> jekillen wrote:
>>>> Hello;
>>>> I have built a machine with ASUS M2N32 WS pro motherboard.
>>>> It has dual network interface ports that are Marvell interfaces.
>>>> I understand that FreeBSD does not yet support Marvell as of
>>>> v6.2. I did get a reference to a source for the driver source and
>>>> instructions to compile and install. But my short term solution was
>>>> to get Intel nics that fit in PCIe lane one slots. As fate would 
>>>> have
>>>> it one of the slots is situated too close to some copper vain heat
>>>> dissipation attachments, so the second interface card will not
>>>> fit in the slot for the obstruction.
>>>> So, my question is simple:
>>>> Can I use a network interface card made for a PCIe lane one slot
>>>> in a PCIe lane 16 slot and expect it to work?
>>>> By way of explanation: I need to interfaces because I am using
>>>> this machine as a web server and I want one public ip address
>>>> assigned to it and one private ip address assigned to it also.
>>>> I have all but http and dns blocked from the outside. I use ssh
>>>> and ftp to post content to the machine on the inside network.
>>>> Thanks, not tearing my hair just yet....
>>>> Jeff K
>>> Maybe. Read this document: 
>>> <http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/3540>.
>>> -Garrett
>> Thanks, in my flustered state of mind I just poked out this message 
>> and then
>> decided to follow advices I have gotten in the past, ask Google. I 
>> came up
>> with a Wikipedia article that was positive. I also decided to look 
>> back at the
>> specs listed on the Tiger Direct site where I got the interface cards 
>> and there
>> it was, pretty plain. There is still a problem. One of the cards is 
>> initializing and
>> the other is not. I have not determined which one is not. But the 
>> punch line
>> is that the one that does show up shows up with status no carrier in 
>> ifconfig.
>> I looked back the the FreeBSD site, at hardware notes for v6.2 and it 
>> appears
>> that that card specifically, is not listed as supported. 82572 is 
>> listed as supported
>> by the em driver, but Intel® 82572EI or Intel® 82572GI Gigabit 
>> Controller is not
>> listed specifically, Well that is another $70+ not well enough spent.
>> thanks for the response.
>> Jeff K
> There's always -current or an RMA. Weird though... I didn't think that 
> the slot size was large enough though for a PCIx card slot. 
> Interesting...

There  is more, I had one card in the secondary x16 slot and one card 
in the usable x1 slot. I noticed that in the above situation, the fwe 
was still configured.
I took the card from the secondary x16 slot and put it in the primary 
x16 slot, Booted up and the em0 interface came up. I shut down the fwe 
and was able to ping the em0 interface. I moved the card from the 
usable x1 slot and moved it to the secondary x16 slot. Now both cards 
show up
as up and running but I cannot ping the em1 interface. I went into 
rc.conf and took out the fwe configuration line. It still shows up in 
ifconfig listed
between em0 and em1. I am suspecting that this interface is somehow 
interfering with the em1 interface. So progress is happening but I am 
of the sleuthing I have to do to get things working. At least I do have 
one enet connection to the machine, now.
Jeff K

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