Linux "equivalent" to freebsd

Stephen Liu satimis at
Fri Mar 2 02:14:42 UTC 2007

--- Simon Gao <gao at> wrote:

> Stephen Liu wrote:
> >>> Take a look at Slackware.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Patrick
> >>>       
> >> Seconded, if I got to run Linux, I run Slackware (and I have in 
> >> production). If you need it there is a port of Slack to AMD64
> called 
> >> slamd64,
> >>
> >> FreeBSD users will appreciate it's simplicity and it's stability.
> >>     
> >
> >
> > slamd64-11.0 has issue on nVidia driver, same as FreeBSD 6.2-amd64.
> > Besides you need to recompile kernel to enable smp technology. 
> Each
> > time after recompiling/upgrading kernel you need to reinstall the
> > driver download on  The situation is better than FBSD. 
> I
> > can't locate driver for FBSD x86_64 on their website, only x_86
> > available.  The onboard NIC fails to work and X can't work properly
> > However smp technology is already enabled on FBSD.
> >
> > I have slamd64-11.0 and FreeBSD 6.2-amd64 running here.
> >
> > I have no knowledge on CentOS.  I'm prepared to try it.  According
> to
> > folks on their forum CentOS supports nVidia chipset without
> problem.   
> >
> >
> > B.R.
> > Stephen Liu
> Why not give Gentoo Linux ( a try. By using Gentoo
> Linux, 
> you not only get the similar port system, portage, as with FreeBSD,
> but 
> also enjoy all the benefits Linux can provide. Gentoo Linux is very 
> flexible and has a very good support community.

I have 64 bit Gentoo box here.  It also has nVidia driver problem.  My
20" Philips LCD display can't display resolution > "1024x768".  I have
to download a driver from  Now it displays correct
resolution "1680x1050".  I don't know whether I need to reinstall the
said driver if after upgrading/recompiling the kernel.  Because it is
running on a single core AMD Athlon64 PC.  I don't need to recompile
kernel to enable smp.

I'm now searching a rigid OS, either Unix or Linux, to be run as
server.  For time saving I don't expect building the same myself, HLFS.
 I need X for running web browser to communicate outside World.  Text
browser such as elinks etc. won't serve my need.  I won't have X
started at boot.  I only start it at need.  That is my purpose to test


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