Linux "equivalent" to freebsd

Uwe Laverenz uwe at
Thu Mar 1 09:39:44 UTC 2007

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 06:46:13PM -0500, mailing-lists at wrote:

> Could you recommend a distribution you are using in production, we've check
> ubuntu, fedora and Debian, but I wonder what freebsd users recommend...

If you want a professional and well supported system, but don't need
commercial support, CentOS is the way to go:

CentOS is a free version of Redhat's Enterprise Linux and is available
for several platforms, including amd64. Everything that is certified for
RHEL will run without problems on CentOS. The current version is 4.4 but
a new version of RHEL is expected to be released during the next weeks
(which will be followed by a new version of CentOS).

If you want an entirely free system with a large software repository and
don't care for certifications from software or hardware vendors, I'd
strongly recommend Debian Etch (will be the "stable" release in a short
while). Commercial support is available from Hewlett Packard IIRC.


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