Future of FreeBSD 7.0 and up

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Thu Mar 1 00:52:54 UTC 2007


What ! How!
Installing FreeBSD takes flat 3 minutes!!!
after i'm done, I do install the ports, with 2 more minutes!!

Then from ports Tree I just command "make install clean"
and few more ports, like pop3 and others..
PLUS!! i configure it as a gateway, for my datalink routers (wan branches)
and lan GW, plus upgrading to latest patches..and adding few routes..
it takes, few hours, infact around 3 max!

If I dunt upgrade the system it takes 1 hour only!
so i dunt know how more easy you want it to be!

Oh, forgot to tell you, i have a freebsd server thats working since year 
2000!! till today!
plus few others.

The review you pointed us to, is just totally unprofessional one.

Marwan Sultan
System Administrator.

>From: "Dwight Smith" <dsmith_60 at hotmail.com>
>Good morning,
>My name is Dwight Smith, and I only had a question or two in terms of the 
>future useability of FreeBSD. I have used it on and off and found it to be 
>a great UNIX operating system for servers, but my only major concern was 
>the amount of time it takes to prepare a server such as an Apache Server 
>with PHP and MySQL support as opposed to a Linux system which is what I am 
>currently using now as well as my company. I guess my question is that will 
>the ease of building or installing software for FreeBSD ever streamline to 
>where you do not have to do as many steps and text config file entries? 
>What had me curious to asking this is this article I read about a review on 
>FreeBSD 6.2 (http://www.softwareinreview.com/cms/content/view/67/) The 
>reviewer had a lot of criticisms that seemed harsh, but at the same time 
>raised some valid points. I only ask this question as I would like to see 
>FreeBSD get the same recognition as Linux as FreeBSD is a powerful OS that 
>should not be overshadowed and I hope it doesn't cause it saved my IT job 
>many a times when a server crashes and I have to piece together an old PII 
>with 32 MB RAM and install FreeBSD with Samba. So thanks in advance for 
>your attention in this and I wish all of you the best.
>Dwight Smith

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