ATA Issues Fixed?

Wil Hatfield freebsd at
Thu Mar 1 00:20:02 UTC 2007

> In 6.0 and early 6.1 I started having some major issues with 
> fatals. After a new WD hard drive, new cables, etc and hearing of 
> other issues I pretty much came to the conclusion there was a bug 
> in the OS somewhere regarding how it was handling ATA drives and 
> that it just hadn't been discovered yet. 
> Could any of you that were having those nasty ATA drive issues 
> back then please tell me if you are pleased with 6.2 and whether 
> those fatals went away?

Duh! I have the flu and I think I relapsed to my MSDOS days. Replace the word fatals above with kernel panics and maybe somebody will know what I am talking about. Geesh sorry!

Wil Hatfield

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