DOH! ata_alloc_request failed!

Bruce Caruthers bkc-freebsdlists at
Tue Jul 31 18:46:03 UTC 2007

On Tue Jul 31, 2007, Adam J Richardson wrote:
> Bruce Caruthers wrote:
> >> Um... should I be concerned?
> Hi Bruce,
> I've found wherever hard disks are doing anything suspicious, such as
> operating properly, it's best to be paranoid. Take multiple copies quick
> is my advice.
> Adam J Richardson

Well, the entire system is just over a week old, so
I would *hope* nothing is already failing.  Also,
the other reports I saw indicated a memory leak in
ataraid or somewhere related.

This system is meant to be the new master copy, from
which backups will be taken, so I'd like to track
down what the problem is, hw or sw.  (Original server
is still holding its own for now, but I don't want to
have to constantly re-verify the copies, plus the
old server is maxed out and giving signs of dying...)


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