cant uninstall nessus-gtk2-2.2.9_1

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Tue Jul 31 15:25:49 UTC 2007

Written by Noah on 07/31/07 08:29>>
> Hi there,
> I am having a bit of trouble with the nessus installation at the moment.
>  any clues how I can fully remove it and install it properly.
> access1# pkg_info | grep nessus
> pkg_info: show_file: can't open '+COMMENT' for reading
> nessus-gtk2-2.2.9_1 ???
> nessus-libnasl-2.2.9 Nessus Attack Scripting Language
> nessus-libraries-2.2.9 Libraries for Nessus, the security scanner
> access1# pkg_delete -f nessus
> pkg_delete: package 'nessus-gtk2-2.2.9_1' doesn't have a prefix
> access1#
> Cheers,
> Noah
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Looks like your pkg db for that package is hosed; for certain it is 
missing the +COMMENTS file, and I would also wager that +CONTENTS is 
missing or corrupted. I would recommend deleting the 
/var/db/pkg/nessus-gtk2-2.2.9_1 directory, then reinstall the package/port.

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