Using a Hercules HWGUSB2-54-V2 wifi usb adapter

beni beni at
Mon Jul 30 15:32:00 UTC 2007


System : 6.2-REL p4.

I'm trying to use this usb wifi adapter. It is based on a Ralink RT2500 
chipset and should thus be useable with the ural-device according to "man 
ural" (actually it speaks of the Hercules HWGUSB2-54, without the "V2").

The problem is that I only get a detection in dmesg like this :
ugen0: Ralink 802.11 bg WLAN, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 3
and that I don't get a "ural0" device.

All the devices needed according to man ural are in the kernel too.

How can I get this wifi adapter working ?

Thanks for any hints/pointers.

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