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Mon Jul 30 15:31:17 UTC 2007

At Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 19:42 , our malformed and occasionally 
flatulent friend Ross Penner spewed forth this fount of brain juice:

> I recently upgraded my system from stable to current to try and take
> advantage of some of wireless features offered. Unfortunetly, things
> didn't work out as well as I'd like to and I want to downgrade.

> Reading online, it seems that downgrading isn't supported and it's
> probably best to just reinstall the system. This seems reasonable enough
> to me but I have a couple problems I need to address first.

> I have a lot of data on my /usr partition that I would rather not have to
> backup and then readd to the system. is there a way I can reinstall and
> leave parts of the file system intact? I assume that I can use the same
> partitions but I'm worried that reinstalling will clean the partitions.

One of the good things about the design of FreeBSD >>IF<< you
install with separate file-systems, is that the OS fully resides
in /, and /usr is for all non-OS default programs.

You should be able to change the OS by only installing the / 
system, and do NOT make a new filesystem on /usr

Too many seem to advocate the idea of using the whole disk
and not using separate filesystems, and if that is what you have
done you have to backup all your /usr and then redo the install.

So many who advocate only one filesystem seem to come
from the Linux and/or MS world.

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