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Robert Andersson streambag at
Sun Jul 29 19:03:20 UTC 2007

On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 10:14:06 -0400
"Tsu-Fan Cheng" <tfcheng at> wrote:

> Hi,
>    is there a port on freebsd that generate still images from movie
> files? like "image grabber" on windows?? thanks!!
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I began writing a shell script for this a couple of weeks ago. As i saw
your email today i tried to finish it up, adding some command line
arguments and various comments. The script uses mplayer and ImageMagick
to create something that looks somewhat like the output from
imagegrabber or media player classic.

I call it framegrabber. You can find it here:

Hope you'll find it useful.

// Robert

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