Nothing happens with Qemu

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Sun Jul 29 18:34:49 UTC 2007

On 29/07/07, Rakhesh Sasidharan <rakhesh at> wrote:
> > It seems logical that qemu would need to run on top of X, in much the same
> > way that Firefox [just to pick an example at random] won't work without X.
> > I'm still a FreeBSD newbie though, so I have no idea how X works. I'm still
> > struggling to upgrade my Xorg to 7.2. [Stupid missing OpenGL drivers! >:( ]
> Agreed, just that there are references a lot of places on the Net that
> Qemu can work without X. And the -no-graphic option is to force it to
> start that way in case you don't have X. Strange ...

>From the man page:

           Normally, QEMU uses SDL to display the VGA output. With this
           option, you can totally disable graphical output so that QEMU is a
           simple command line application. The emulated serial port is redi-
           rected on the console. Therefore, you can still use QEMU to debug a
           Linux kernel with a serial console.

But, I do not think you can run most (any?) installers like this,
without the serial console being redirected to _something_, and
if you're doing this over ssh, that default something may not be
immediately visible.

The -vnc option looks like a win, maybe.

Per above (not quoted) -cdrom /dev/acd0 might not work if
the permissions are not set correctly on /dev/acd0.  It is usually
easier under qemu to use the downloaded image instead of
burning to CD and all that.  Or use dd to make a new image
if you've already deleted it.


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