emacs22 and portsdb

David J. Neu djneu at att.net
Sat Jul 28 18:21:33 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 10:01:14PM +0100, Matthew Seaman wrote:
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> Duane Winner wrote:
> > We've been having a problem with generating the ports Index ever since
> > upgrading to emacs22.
> > 
> > As per /usr/ports/UPDATING, we added EMACS_PORT_NAME=*emacs22* to
> > /etc/make.conf
> Errr --- that should probably read:
>     EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs22
> You certainly don't need the asterisks there.
> In any case, setting this variable will screw up indexing, because a
> number of e-lisp ports will try and append the EMACS_PORT_NAME to
> their package origin if it is set.  However not all the ports that
> do that also have a slave port 'foo-emacs22' hence the problems with
> building the INDEX.
> The best answer is don't set EMACS_PORT_NAME in /etc/make.conf --
> emacs22 is the default now anyhow.  The INDEX will build just fine,
> and the various e-lisp packages seem to work OK as well, so long as
> you've reinstall all the e-lisp packages once you've upgraded from
> emacs21 to emacs22.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew
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I've commented out the EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs22 entry in

All seems well except on portupgrade -a, I'm getting

** Detected a package name change: apel-emacs22 (editors/apel) -> 'apel-emacs21' (editors/apel)
** No need to upgrade 'apel-emacs22-10.7_1' (>= apel-emacs21-10.7_1). (specify -f to force)
** Detected a package name change: flim-emacs22 (editors/flim) -> 'flim-emacs21' (editors/flim)
** No need to upgrade 'flim-emacs22-1.14.8_1' (>= flim-emacs21-1.14.8_1). (specify -f to force)
** Detected a package name change: mule-ucs-emacs22 (converters/mule-ucs) -> 'mule-ucs-emacs21' (converters/mule-ucs)
** No need to upgrade 'mule-ucs-emacs22-0.85.r3_1' (>= mule-ucs-emacs21-0.85.r3_1). (specify -f to force)
** Detected a package name change: semi-emacs22 (editors/semi) -> 'semi-emacs21' (editors/semi)
** No need to upgrade 'semi-emacs22-1.14.6_2' (>= semi-emacs21-1.14.6_2). (specify -f to force)
** Detected a package name change: emacs-w3m-emacs22 (www/emacs-w3m) -> 'emacs-w3m-emacs21' (www/emacs-w3m)
** No need to upgrade 'emacs-w3m-emacs22-1.4.4_3' (>= emacs-w3m-emacs21-1.4.4_3). (specify -f to force)

Both running 
portupgrade -f apel-emacs22-10.7_1

and running

portupgrade -fr emacs


Many thanks for any ideas!


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