CLI CD-Audio Copying 'On The Fly!'

Graham Bentley admin at
Sat Jul 28 16:54:21 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I found this little script on a web page somewhere sometime ago
and modified it slightly (replaced 'eject' with 'cdcontrol')

for i in /dev/acd0t*
dd if=$i of=/usr$i.cdr bs=2352
cdcontrol -f acd0 eject
cd /usr/dev
for i in acd0t*cdr
mv $i track${i#acd0t}
burncd -f /dev/acd1 audio *cdr fixate
cdcontrol -f acd1 eject
cd /usr/dev
rm track*.cdr
echo "All Done!"

It works quite well but only writes after the entire
number of tracks have been written.

I was just wondering if its possible that extra logic
could be applied whereby as soon as the first track
is ripped then a second process starts writing it
and so on - kind of like CD to CD copying 'On the Fly!'

As I am no programmer I wondered if anyone had already
done this and wouldnt mind posting their script or

Thanks in advance ...

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