Tracing mouse events

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jul 28 08:36:49 UTC 2007

Rolf G Nielsen wrote:
> Does anyone know a utility, that would let me se mouse events in human 
> readable form? I recently bought a new mouse, which moused reports as 
> having 16 buttons, and xmodmap -pp reports 15 buttons.
> As far as I can see, it doesn't have 15 or 16 physical buttons. If I 
> count the wheel as two buttons, I get 8 or possibly 10:
> left & right (two buttons)
> pushing the wheel (one button)
> scrolling the wheel (two "buttons")
> tilting the wheel left or right (two "buttons", which I guess are 
> intended for horizontal scrolling)
> and a thumb button (one button)
> There are also two buttons, that increase or decrease the resolution 
> of the mouse, but I don't think those generate any mouse events.
> I'd like to find out which button is which, so I can install an actual 
> xmodmap that I'm happy with.
> /Rolf Nielsen

    Try xev. It captures all X11 input events within a small X widget 
created box. Beware though -- it captures all input, including mouse 
movement and keypresses.

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