Abit VP6 Mother Board no USB

youshi10 at u.washington.edu youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Fri Jul 27 23:22:08 UTC 2007

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Chris Maness wrote:

> I moved a hard drive from a system that had working usb to an abit VP6 PIII 
> board, and FreeBSD is complaining that it can't find the USB host controller. 
> Any suggestions?
> Chris Maness

1. Check that the BIOS a) has USB support turned on, b) has PnP support properly setup (ASUS for instance has a non-PnP capable USB setting where the BIOS arbitrates USB usage and resource configuration, but since FreeBSD is PnP capable I turn that option off).
2. Make sure that you have correct USB support compiled into your kernel (just compile in ehci, ohci, and uhci in case).
3. Try a 7-CURRENT snapshot disk and see if USB support works or not.

      More information would be helpful as well if those suggestions don't work (what version of FreeBSD are you running, exact motherboard specs, etc).

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