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Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Fri Jul 27 19:11:19 UTC 2007

Gary Kline schrieb:

Sorry for the late reply, I simply forgot.
> 	Sounds like a good guess!   Since Gnome is my main desktop, 
> 	where do I find the KDE control center/system notifications?
The executable is called kcontrol and is installed by the x11/kdebase3 port.

> 	Bear with me: I've used CTWM for at least 10 years... .
> 	I *do* use artsd for my text-to-speech apps, so do have artsd
> 	running.  I've poked around the FreeBSD knotifyrc config file
> 	and find nothing on the "External player=" line.  But the
> 	^[Misc] section is in my Ubuntu KDE file.  What goes there?
> 	A path to a wav file?  The path to, say, xmms??  "player" needs
> 	for clarification, so an example would help.
The path to a program that can play soundfiles, yes. /usr/local/bin/play
as installed by the audio/sox port would be a good candidate.


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