ISC bind9 with dynamic DNS update (chroot problem)

Patrick Dung info at
Fri Jul 27 13:26:08 UTC 2007


I use FreeBSD 6.2 and the base bind9.
For dynamic DNS update, bind9 automatically generate the journal file
(end in .jnl).
The default config is to use chroot and the running user as 'bind'.

The problem is that after named is started (/etc/init.d/named start),
the default chroot directory /var/named/etc/named permission will be
reset to own by root. So the named daemon (run as user 'bind') cannot
create the journal file and complain:

Jul 27 21:06:54 fbsd62 named[2862]: general: localdomain.db.jnl:
create: permission denied

One temp fix is to use chroot and run as root, any suggestions?


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